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What are these people doing and why are they smiling during an ethics program??? (Maybe programs with serious ideas don't have to be always so serious after all...)

Actually, Christopher Bauer's programs have often been referred to as "Serious Programs That'll Make You Laugh!"

Programs are available for entering students (orientation programs, FYE programs, etc.), leadership training programs, student government groups,
peer support/mentoring training programs and advanced students in business as well as for both academic faculty and campus staff. Because I book campus programs with a single inclusive day rate, you can assemble a 'mix and match' range of up to four programs in a day at one affordable cost.

Speakers series programs as well as both formal and informal 'meet and greet' events are also available on request.

Which programs will serve you best?

Bauer Ethics Seminars College Programs

For Orientation Programs, FYE Programs, Peer Support/Mentoring Training Programs, etc. - (My Newest Program!) : "Decisions, Decisions: How to Make the Best Possible Choices About Living, Loving & Dealing with the Real World"

New students are faced with a bewildering range of choices about who they are going to be and how they are going to act. It's not enough for them to simply know what the right thing is to do. They also need to have specific, effective, easily implemented strategies for how to make better choices and stick with their values. This program gives them exactly that in a conversational and interactive forty-five to seventy-five minutes. Want a team-building experience for your group? This program is also available as a two to four hour highly-interactive workshop that will help your students work towards developing common goals and shared strategies for building and maintaining values-driven lives as students and beyond.

For Student Government Groups, Leadership Training Programs, Advanced Business Students, Campus Staff & Campus-Related Professional Associations: "Professional Ethics: A Preventive Maintenance Approach"

Whether preparing your student government participants or business students for the ethical challenges facing them today and in the world of work - or as a program for getting your campus staff or professional association chapter members on the same page with how to recognize and respond to often overlooked or ignored ethical and legal challenges on the job - this is the program for you.

This won't be a review of the ethics code, case studies, or case law! Instead, it will be a unique program designed to help assure that your attendees are able to more easily 'walk the talk' of great ethics. This often-humorous program will show attendees ethics risks they never even knew they had and what can be done right now to make sure those risks don't turn into costly ethical and legal problems on the job. They will also learn how even a slightly changed approach to ethics can significantly build any organization's bottom line. (This program is also available as a highly interactive seminar of two to four hours in which attendees can dig far more deeply and broadly into strategies for building and maintaining cultures of both personal and organizational ethics.)

For Academic Faculty: "Building Ethical Reasoning Skills Into Existing Curricula"

Regardless of which department you're in or what your course descriptions might be, every classroom is exploding with opportunities to help students develop better decision-making skills and to recognize and rise appropriately to real-world ethical challenges. This roll-up-your-sleeves interactive workshop is designed to help you generate ideas for building lessons in ethical reasoning into whatever else you're teaching. No didactics or theory spoken here - just exciting, facilitated peer discussion and active exercises to move your teaching efforts in this area to the next level.


What are students, faculty and staff saying about Christopher Bauer's programs?

"The compliments on your program have continued to roll in!
You brought an energy to the room that was both humorous and matter of fact.  While the audience was learning a great deal about the business world and how things work, they were also enjoying themselves... Much of the lunch hour was filled with laughter, new ideas, and realizations... The 40 minutes seemed to fly by and many compliments followed. The session was a great success and my team could not have been more pleased!"

Ashley Cribelar - student conference coordinator - Indiana State University

"I'm receiving a storm of comments and compliments from attendees saying how impressed they were with your talk. Thanks!!!"
Tim Chen - Alpha Kappa Psi - student - program chair - Vanderbilt University

"Very informative! I hope you'll be coming back!"
Ryan Greigtardiff - attendee - Future Business Leaders of America

"Your programs really hit home! I came away from both of your sessions with new perspectives and great ideas. Thanks!"
Kathryn Morse - attendee - Association of Collegiate Conference and Events Directors - International

"Your information and delivery were both excellent and I loved your sense of humor. Thank you!"
Sherry Jackson - attendee - Ohio Association for Career & Technical Education

"Your comments were very interesting and your humor much appreciated!"
Melanie Wagner - attendee - Ontario University Purchasing Management Association

"I learned a lot from our discussion and heard many positive comments from my students about your luncheon talk as well."
William Wilhelm, Ed.D. - faculty - Indiana State University

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