Serious Ethics Programs For Healthcare Professionals Actually Made To Be Fun??? (Well, er, yes...)
Christopher Bauer, PhD - Ethics Speaker and Consultant

Healthcare professionals need to stay on top of professional ethics. (However, there's no rule saying they can't have fun while doing it!)

For over twenty-five years, Christopher Bauer, PhD, HSP, CFS has been helping healthcare professionals learn how to keep ethics top-of-mind all day, every day and doing so in programs that are not only high-ROI but highly enjoyable as well. Whether for front-line providers and staff in clinics, hospitals, and long-term care facilities, or managers and administrators, Dr. Bauer has a program that will help your staff build and maintain the level of ethics their jobs absolutely require day in and day out.

Which program is right for your facility or conference?

For Front-Line Staff/Providers/Managers to Senior Executives & Everyone In-Between!

Professional Ethics: An Ounce of Prevention. We all know the importance of preventive care in both promoting health and preventing costly health problems. Well, promoting ethics and preventing costly ethics problems are no different! This hard-hitting yet surprisingly humorous program will show attendees a variety of ethics risks they probably never even knew they had as well as what they can do right now to make sure those risks don't turn into costly ethical and legal problems on the job. This is my most requested keynote for healthcare groups and is also available as a seminar of up to three hours.

won't be another review of the ethics code or case law! Instead, these programs are designed to help healthcare audiences reduce their risk of ethical and legal problems by thinking better on their feet about ethics. The tone is conversational and focus stays entirely on easy, immediately applicable 'real-world' ideas and tools for building and maintaining professional ethics, even when it feels like there are pressures to do otherwise. (And unlike so many other ethics programs, it seems, they are fun!)

See why so many audience members come away feeling like this was the first really practical
ethics program they've ever attended!

For Front-Line Providers & Managers

Getting Quality Right Without Burning Out In The Process. Time pressures. Productivity pressures. Too many rules! Not enough time to do everything. Healthcare on the front lines gives us a hundred reasons each day for slips in quality - yet we all know that quality truly needs to be top-of-mind at all times.

Here's a practical program that will help your employees always remember to take responsibility for doing what is right rather than simply what is easy or convenient at the time. The tone is light and the program is entertaining but the message is essential - doing the right thing, with no excuses for doing otherwise, is not only only critical but probably easier than your staff have previously imagined. It's more than just words though - this program will provide easy, immediately applicable ideas and tools for assuring that attendees really can remember to do the right thing - not simply the easy thing - every time.

Just For Managers

Managing Ethics for Maximum Impact. Ethics and compliance can't possibly be assured until your managers know exactly how to promote and reinforce them. This essential 'quick-start' program will give them all the basics they need in a high-impact, highly interactive three-hour program. ("Better Ethics Now: How To Avoid The Ethics Disaster You Never Saw Coming (Second Edition)" is recommended reading to follow-up this program. Please inquire regarding significant discounts for bulk orders of this book for your attendees.)

For Senior Managers & Executives

The Incredible Power Of Your Values Statement. At the end of the day, a well-written and appropriately implemented values statement can affect your business every bit as profoundly as your mission statement.Yet most healthcare organizations either don't have a values statement or don't have one designed for maximum impact. This high-powered program for management teams, executives, and boards will take you through the essential steps of creating or improving your values statement. It will then provide key ideas for harnessing the amazing power of a well-constructed values statement for creating business-maximizing initiatives in management, leadership, customer service, and branding. This is a 'must-do' process for healthcare organizations and yet it is overlooked far too frequently.

Building A Culture of Ethics. 'Tone at the top' is merely a starting place for building a culture of ethics. This 1-2 day intensive workshop will walk your management team straight through the foundation steps of building a top-to-bottom culture of ethics in your organization. It doesn't matter where your organization is now - this program will help you take it to where you need it to be. Building A Culture of Ethics can be easily combined with customized pre-program assessment packages and after-program coaching and consultation for maximum impact. If your clear goal is an organization driven by integrity, this is the program for you.

Who In Healthcare Has Been Listening To Christopher Bauer?

Just some of the organizations and conferences in healthcare and allied fields
who have brought in Bauer Ethics Seminars are:

American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (multiple chapters)
American Society for Healthcare Risk Management - New Jersey Chapter
American Rehabilitation Association (multiple chapters)
Area Agency on Aging of East Texas
Birmingham Veterans Administration Hospital
Centerstone (multiple programs)
Healthcare Financial Management Association (multiple chapters)
Mental Health Cooperative
Middle Tennessee Healthcare Executives Association

Tennessee Health Care Association
 Washington State Pharmacy Association

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