Ethics Programs For Behavioral Health Professionals!
Professional ethics are one of the foundations of mental health and behavioral health practice. As practitioners - whether clinicians or administrators - we are expected to build ethical thinking into every single decision we make. It's both complicated and difficult. However, most ethics programs simply provide one more review of the rules you already know. Wouldn't something more broadly applicable (and lively!) be nice now and then?

Christopher Bauer's professional ethics programs have long been focused on providing easy and immediately applicable ideas and tools that will help you think better on your feet when it comes to both recognizing and dealing with ethical issues. It's simply not enough to know how to follow the rules - you also need to know both how to recognize easily missed ethics concerns and, of course, what to do when there isn't a rule for something. Christopher Bauer's ethics programs for behavioral health professionals will help you in doing both.

All programs are highly interactive and are designed to assure that your learning experience is both active and intensive. A lot of the time, they're even fun!

Which one is right for you?

Professional Ethics - A Preventive Maintenance Approach - (3 Hours)

Ethical practice requires not only staying current with the rules but that we also attend to personal factors that might increase our risk for crossing ethical boundaries - however unconscious or unintentional those factors may be. This program will focus on these issues and more in the context of a general update and review of ideas and tools to reduce your risk for potentially extremely serious ethical and legal problems despite your best intentions to avoid them.

Attendees will: 
  • Update their knowledge and understanding of the ethics code and laws pertaining to both clinical and administrative practices.
  • Be able to identify a minimum of five easy but effective ideas and tools for recognizing often-ignored ethics risk factors in themselves and others.
  • Be able to identify and implement a minimum of three essential but practical 'nuts and bolts' techniques for responding to both subtle and more flagrant ethical concerns seen in colleagues and co-workers.
This program is suited to practitioners at all levels of training and experience.

Minding Your Business (Ethically!) -  (3 hours)

Whatever your job title and whatever your setting, you are - among other things - working in a business. This highly interactive program will focus on the many aspects of working ethically in the face of business demands that may be pushing you - subtly or not - to compromise what you know to be right. Whether you are in your own practice or working at an agency, hospital, or even in academia, the bottom line is always a concern. How can you cope more easily and effectively with those pressures while assuring that your integrity remains intact? This program will cover it!

Attendees will:
  • Update their knowledge of the ethical and legal obligations that must guide their work regardless of the pressures they may face to do otherwise.
  • Be able to identify a minimum of three previously unseen ethics risks pertaining to the business side of their practice as well as how best to address those issues to reduce their risk for ethical compromise.
  • Learn a minimum of three essential do's and don'ts when confronting others regarding ethics issues on the job.
This program is suited for practitioners at all levels of training and experience.

Ethics in Clinical Supervision & Consultation - (3 hours)

Clinical supervision and consultation are often awkward minefields filled with tough ethical decisions. (In fact, if it doesn't feel that way to you, you may not be paying enough attention!) This discussion-based program will take on the serious and confusing real-world issues faced virtually every day by clinical supervisors and consultants. With whom can you share which types of information? How do you deal with other professionals, supervisors, or supervisees who don't agree with your opinions? How do you deal with pressures to expand the scope of your supervision or consultation beyond your realistic availability or expertise? And these are, perhaps, simply the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Attendees will:
  • Update their knowledge of the ethical and legal mandates surrounding clinical supervision and consultation.
  • Be able to identify a minimum of four essential do's and don'ts when consulting on ethics issues.
  • Be able to identify and implement a minimum of two effective strategies to combat 'scope creep' in their clinical supervision and consultation.
This program is best suited for individuals with a minimum of five years of experience and whom are currently involved in clinical supervision, consultation, or both.

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"As far as I'm concerned, Christopher Bauer's ethics programs are the gold standard! Who knew you could learn so much new, helpful stuff in just three hours and have so much fun at the same time? Highly recommended!!!"

T.L. - attendee - Tennessee Conference on Social Welfare